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Civil War Tours


Beginning with Tennessee's secession and entry into the War, through Union occupation and the November 30, 1864 battle, Franklin’s residents were profoundly impacted by their experiences, and you’ll see it all through their eyes.

Civil War in Franklin Tour

From slave turned businessman A.N.C. Williams and Union sympathizer Fannie Courtney to the shunned family of Dr. Daniel Cliffe, no one’s life was untouched by the greatest conflict in American history. Few expected the war to last even a year, and when it stretched to four long, bloody years, soldiers and citizens alike were stunned by the level of death and destruction. We will explore both the causes and results of the War in Franklin, including emancipation. You’ll see battle damage in downtown Franklin buildings, a place few realize was core battlefield of the Franklin battle.

Heading Home

Day & Time: Mon-Sat/10:00am 

Cost: $20/adults, $10/teens, $5/kids

Duration: 2 hours

Length: 10 blocks

Where to meet: 305 Public Square

For a private tour of the battlefield areas outside walking distance, we can arrange a private tour. You drive, I ride and guide. Call for details and pricing. 

“Margie did a wonderful Civil history tour…I learned more personal stories about the Civil War than I ever did in a history book. It’s amazing to see what happened right here in this small town.”

- Tripadvisor Review


I came away with a very good understanding of not only the battle, but of its context within the larger war, and of its lasting impact to this day.

- Tripadvisor Review

The Widow of the South Tour

For fans of the 2005 New York Times bestseller, the Widow of the South tour package gives the big picture of Franklin in the Civil War. The price includes admission to Carnton Plantation, Carter House and Lotz House. On the downtown part of the tour, we will explore the real people and places from the novel; you’ll visit Carnton, Carter and Lotz Houses on your own and take tours there.


Widow House Franklin, TN

Day & Time: Call for reservation at 615-400-3808

Cost: $50 (Includes downtown walking tour, and 3 house admissions. Value $66)

Duration: Downtown Franklin tour is 2 hours. Each house tour is 1 hour.

Length: 6 blocks downtown, house tours at sites.

Where to meet: 305 Public Square

About The Widow of the South
“A sensitive account of an era that seems to fascinate readers ceaselessly.”

-Entertainment Weekly


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