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Franklin is a quaint and charming town, no doubt about it. Visitors come to Franklin from all over the world and remark, "What a sweet little place...I'll bet it's always been just like this." Hmmm....not exactly.

Murder and Mayhem on Main Street Tour

Franklin is full of dark secrets and a gruesome past. The Murder and Mayhem tour peels back the town's genteel exterior and takes a hard look at Franklin's seamy underbelly. It's the kind of tour that makes Franklin natives of a certain age say, "I remember when that happened." Some of the events are from Franklin's earliest days, while others are of more recent vintage.

Your guide will tell you stories researched from newspaper accounts, court records and at times, from actual eyewitnesses. Some of the sordid activities you'll hear about include open prostitution, back-alley abortion, blackmail, bootlegging, murder, murder and after that...more murder. And finally, the perfect murder, undiscovered for 60 years...

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Day & Time: By reservation

Cost: $20/adults, $10/teens (tour is not appropriate for kids)

Duration: 90 minutes

Length: 6 blocks

Where to meet: 305 Public Square

Chip and the Sunset



Betty and Sherman Burge booked for the murder of Mary Dean

Margie was deeply knowledgeable and was a wonderful storyteller. I have been on a number of ghost and historical tours in places from Colorado to London to Prague, and so it surprises me to say that this simple tour in Franklin may have been my favorite.

- Tripadvisor Review


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