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    Ghosts of the Battlefield Tour

Join us at the Lotz House, the historic house museum that opened in 2008 on Columbia AvenueLotz House in Franklin. Here visitors will view this beautifully restored 1858 "show house" while hearing stories of bloodshed and destruction... and unexplained phenomena.

  • A woman in nightgown crying out for a loved one

  • A little girl seen staring out a window

  • The sound of women's voices--but there's no one there

  • Ordinary items that just can't stay put

  • And much, much more

When lives are cut short, sometimes spirits remain. We think that's what happened here.

LA spirit was seen calling out for "Ann" from these stairs...ocated just north of the Carter House, Lotz house was in the thick of the fighting that occurred on November 30, 1864. The Lotz family’s experience  uring the Battle of Franklin and aftermath is a compelling story of civilian life during the War and occupation. These tragic tales will chill visitors as they view the house filled with period furnishings and decoration.

Your guide, dressed in period costume, will also relate accounts from other battlefield sites, including Harrison House and Carnton Plantation. Upcoming tours are October  17, 24, 31 (Halloween!) and November 7. Call for start times.

Tickets are $20 for adults, and $10 children under 13.  

Call 615-400-3808 to make a ghost tour reservation.

To contact the Lotz House, call 615-790-7190 or visit www.Lotzhouse.com.

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